15 Signs That Indicate You’re A Crazy Dachshund Person… And Are Proud of It!

No doubt about it: the Dachshund is probably the world’s most recognizable breed. From toddlers to octogenarians, everyone knows the funny little fellow with the sausage body, stubby legs, and waving tail…

…and the wiener dog has been used to sell everything from Slinky children’s toys to foot-long frankfurters. Images of Dachsies abound in cartoons, caricatures, and commercials.

Brave, loyal. determined and loving, the unique Dachshund always makes life interesting and have crazy human fans who love ’em!

Well, how about you? Ever wonder whether your obsession with your Dachshund is healthy or whether you may in fact be veering into crazy territory?

There are fifteen signs that’ll indicate the likelihood of you being a crazy Dachshund person… and are damn proud of it!

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