6 Weird Dachshund Behaviors and What They Mean, According to Experts

hether it’s sniffing butts or rolling in rotting garbage, our dogs choose to do things we certainly wouldn’t. But exactly why do they exhibit these behaviors? The answers range from biological to learned behavior. And while we may think it’s unusual, often it’s just dogs being, well, dogs.

For those wanting to understand all their pup’s quirky behaviors we asked experts to share the reasons behind six weird dog behaviors.

1. Your Dog Eats Away From Food Bowl

While most dogs love to scarf down their dinner, some pups might opt to carry kibble away from their food bowl before spitting it onto the floor and then eating it.

What gives?

While this behavior may seem concerning at first, it shouldn’t set any alarm bells off unless your dog refuses to eat entirely. Your pup might simply be stashing his food away for a midnight meal.

“They [may be] saving their food for later. This can happen if the dog is overfed. It is also an instinctual behavior as not everything has been bred out of our domesticated pups,” Shelby Semel, a New York City-based canine trainer and behaviorist, says.

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