How Do Yorkies Show Affection? (15 Ways Yorkies Are Affectionate)

Do you love your dog?

Of course you do! And you show your pup how much you love it any chance you get.

There’s no mystery about how you feel.

But does your pup return those feelings? Are Yorkies affectionate?

And if so, how do Yorkies show affection to us?

There are actually a number of different ways Yorkshire terriers demonstrate their love.

Keep reading to learn all the methods Yorkies use to display affection. You’ll quickly realize just how much your little pup actually loves you!

There are plenty of ways Yorkies show affection, for example through body language like wagging their tails, licking your face, and eye contact.

But unlike other dogs, they only show affection to their owners, so don’t feel too offended if a Yorkie that isn’t yours isn’t showing you much love. They are simply very loyal to a single person.

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