What Do Yorkies Like To Do For Fun? (11 Great Ideas)

Just about anything, right?

Yorkies are such fun-loving, high-energy dogs that it seems like they are having a blast no matter what they’re doing.

But some activities are just more fun that others.

So what do Yorkies like to do for fun, if anything healthy and stimulating is on the table?

We have a list of 11 activities they absolutely love. More important these are all activities that also provide exercise, mental stimulation and the chance to work on their social skills.

Keep reading for some great fun things to try with your Yorkie. In addition to everything above, these are also all great bonding experiences for you and your pup.

What Do Yorkies Like To Do For Fun?

Yorkies love to play around, be it indoors or outdoors. They will play with anything, from actual toys, to sprinklers. They also love taking walks, enjoying nature and mingling with other people and dogs.

Let’s take a closer look at 11 of a Yorkie’s favorite fun activities. This should give you some ideas for wonderful things to do with your own yorkie.

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