Why Do Yorkies Bark So Much? (And The Right Way To Handle It)

Everybody loves Yorkies!

They are a wonderful breed: cute, loving and loyal. But they are also territorial and will fiercely defend their territory.

Even the slightest hint of an intruder can unleash a fury of barking.

So are Yorkies barkers then? Yes, they are.

In fact, Yorkies bark more than most breeds. And there are a few reasons for that.

Keep reading to learn exactly why Yorkies bark so much, plus what you can do to curb this behavior for your sake and the sake of your neighbors.

Why Do Yorkies Bark So Much?

Yorkies bark a lot because or their genetics. They are fierce, territorial dogs that do anything to protect their area. They also have acute hearing due to the unique shape of their ears, which means they hear even the slightest sounds and perceive them as threats.

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